A portion of the header on my new website, www.SantaBarbaraGardens.com.

A portion of the header on my newly revamped website at http://www.SantaBarbaraGardens.com.

In August, I launched a redesign of my website.

I also migrated my In the Garden blog from WordPress to the new site and upgraded my e-mail system for notifying you about new blog posts.

Please don’t worry that anything else has changed.

These are the same In the Garden posts that you’ve already subscribed to. It’s just that the e-mail notifications look a little different.

Initially, I’d set them up to say that they were from “Santa Barbara Garden Design,” but to allay any confusion, I recently changed the “from line” to “Joan S. Bolton.”

In any case, the posts are still by me, they contain the same great content about gardening, and you can still search the archives for any of my past posts.

As always, I appreciate your comments and interest.